Blue Light Glasses: A New Trend, But Why?

Blue Light Glasses: A New Trend, But Why?
Blue light glasses have become increasingly popular ever since COVID-19 has sent many people to working and learning from home.
You may have seen them being sold all over the internet or even in stores, but why are so many people now hopping onto this trend. I spoke to high school senior, Kate Nelson, about why she decided to make the purchase.
For many high school and college students, classes are still being done virtually, which means a ton of screen time. Nelson explains that with her rigorous senior schedule, she not only spends most of her days in virtual classes, she also has to use her laptop after class to complete the homework assigned for those classes.
“At the end of last year, once we were moved to online learning, I noticed that by the end of the night I was getting really bad headaches and was waking up super tired the next morning. I guess not getting good enough sleep. A couple of my friends had bought a pair of blue light glasses and so I just decided to give in and try a pair,” Nelson said.
Blue light glasses have technology that filters the lenses, allowing for them to block blue light from reaching the eye. Blue light comes from natural sunlight, but today, is more commonly found from the screens of computers, televisions, and smartphones. This light can have harmful effects on people’s eye health and sleep patterns, and can lead to headaches, eye strain, and poor sleep quality.
When asked where she purchased these glasses, Nelson stated that she found her pair on Amazon for only $20. Blue light glasses, since becoming so popular, can be found in stores all over, including online and in eye doctors offices.
“You know, I actually feel like the glasses help. I mean, ever since getting them, my headaches have improved, as long as I’m consistent in wearing them. But honestly, who knows, it definitely could be a placebo effect, but I really think they’re worth it,” Nelson said.
While blue light glasses are so new, it is hard to really know if they truly are beneficial, but as for me, I think I could be convinced to invest in a pair!