ESports is Here to Stay

ESports: You may have heard of this new program that is making its way into schools and universities around the country.
But what is an esports team? These esports teams are competitions via video games that students can join and play against other schools/teams. These teams have become pretty popular among students, and universities even offer scholarships to join their teams! But with esports becoming much more popular, it is important that the teams have proper equipment in order for them to adequately compete with other teams.
A major piece of equipment used by esports teams are PCs, which are used to play games with a monitor and a keyboard. These types of competitions have been the preferred method of gaming in the esports world as of late. The thing about a PC is that it is very customizable, therefore, players and teams have many options when it comes to the setup.
Essentially, when setting up the PC, you have to make a couple of decisions on the types of products to use for it. To use a PC for esports, you will need the monitor (be sure that this is a gaming PC monitor), a PC mouse, the mouse pad, a keyboard, and also a headset.
When it comes to deciding on which types of each of these to get, there are many different factors that could play into the decision. Consider price, availability, customer reviews, specs, and relationship with the esports community!
Along with the need for a proper PC for gaming in the esports community, other technology that is used for these teams are the actual games that are played! There are a TON of game options that the team can compete in. Some games may be “war type” games, racing, sports, etc. These games are most commonly downloaded on the PC through a store online and then the different teams can compete against each other.
Esports, while a new idea in the gaming world, are becoming very popular and there are new games and ideas for the sport coming out all the time.
Some may say that this isn’t a real sport and that it isn’t deserving of scholarships or even the title of a sport. But, just like other sports teams, there is a lot of (expensive) equipment needed and used. They also must practice to perform at their best and work with their teammates play well, just as other teams do!