Siena Snapshot: A Student’s Quarantine Story


The following photos and captions were provided by SHU student and Spectra Photo Editor Shania Beevers. She agreed to share her story during a recent quarantine at home.











A lot of cleaning has to be done when someone in your household gets tested positive. These were what we used, mostly in the bathroom as we share it since we only have one bathroom.














It always looked dark and gloomy every day, which didn’t make me want to go outside much.











I set up my Xbox in my area for when I wasn’t working on homework and was bored.














I worked ahead on some of the bigger projects I had in other classes to try and get ahead.











Class through Microsoft Teams was a regular daily thing.














I had a mini fridge in the area I was staying in so I could keep a few things in it and not have to bug other people for things.














More snacks and drinks. It was important for the person in my household who was positive to stay hydrated.











Into my second week of quarantining, I actually ended up at the hospital. I was having uncomfortable chest pains so I went and got checked out. But it turned out to be nothing serious. Pictured: My countdown of how many days I had been in quarantine.











Since I couldn’t be with family for Halloween, or really do anything, I did my hair and wore the hair bows my mom bought me.