Commuter Students Have Unique Perspective

Commuter students at Siena Heights University.

Siena Heights has lots to offer for all types of students, but it’s especially a unique experience for commuter students.

Students who commute will have a different college experience than those who live on campus. While they do get a college experience, it is slightly different than someone who is living on campus. Commuting is a logical step for some students.

“I live about 10 minutes away. So, commuting just made sense for me,” a commuter student said.

But what about those who don’t live 10 minutes away? Why do they commute?

“I want to be close to my family, and I have a job in my hometown. I think commuting is a good way to adjust to college life,” another student said.

Being close to home and adjusting to college life (especially in comparison to the last school year) is one huge reason students commute. Being close to home but having somewhere new to explore is the best of both worlds for some. There is no right or wrong way to experience college, mostly it is figuring out what is best for you.