PRIDE Gives Voice to Students

The LGBT Community at Siena Heights welcomes supportive friends and allies. The process is not always easy. People of the LGBT community have difficulties like coming out to their peers and their loved ones.

PRIDE Club’s President Dylan Barron said, “This organization is about giving a voice to student’s that are generally looked over due to their sexual orientation or where they identify with their gender. It is a safe place for people in the LGBTQ+ community. Being a supportive member and a good friend is always appreciated!”

Safety is taken very seriously within the PRIDE club, requiring members to sign a confidentiality form as a part of their joining process. Barron said PRIDE is hoping to grow their number of students this school year, although COVID tends to make this difficult.

PRIDE has turned away aspiring members because of reaching capacity during events. They hope to get these students to return when things go back to normal.

The group will continue planning events that bring awareness to campus of different things that people don’t know about the community and are working toward winning an award for an event for Student Leaderships Awards.

Recently, Siena’s PRIDE Club welcomed a featured queen for their trivia night from RuPaul’s Drag Race which enjoyable for everyone who attended.