TEACH Offers Outreach Programs

Siena Heights offers a club for education majors with a desire to better Siena and its community. TEACH (Teach Education for Community Help) does various outreach programs in hopes to help the University and the entire city of Adrian.

TEACH members said they love working with students on campus and around Adrian. Like many clubs and organizations this year, TEACH has not been able to function completely normal due to COVID. Although things have been a bit rocky this school year, TEACH is working their best to keep club members engaged.

TEACH members said they hope to be functioning normally again soon, so they can continue working with the Boys and Girls Club, have guests from elementary schools, guest speakers, TEACH Tree, and of course, its annual volleyball tournament.

Those who are education majors and interested in this co-curricular group, contact Sally Rae, Rochelle Chezick, or Aurelia Czeski.