SALT Gives Student-Athletes a Voice

The Student Athletic Leadership Team, or SALT, is all about giving a voice to the student-athletes at Siena Heights University. When a team has an issue with something, they come to their student’s team representative who will then present that issue to SALT.

As a team, they come up with a solution. Like most clubs and organizations during this difficult time, SALT has not been functioning quite the same this year, but the organization is working to stay engaged. Members said they are proud to have a say in SHU’s athletic department allowing two family members attend athletic events.

SALT members said they are very proud of getting the rule passed to where if a student misses class for a sports competition with SHU, that student will not be penalized.

Due to COVID-19, and in hopes to make communicating among groups easier, SALT decided to make four small committees: SHUspy’s, Social Injustice, COVID, and Mental Health.

The SALT e-board decided that these were relevant topics to cover during this time. Each of the four committees has goals for this school year and will share with the entire Siena community.

SALT still hopes to have the SHUspy’s event at the end of the winter semester.

In hopes that things go back to normal soon, SALT is planning a spring day similar to Homecoming to give students that game-day experience that was missed in the fall.