International Club Planning for the Future

Siena Heights offers students to become part of an International Club. Feeling familiar with your surroundings is very important, so they work together to better understand the American way.

The members of the club work to incorporate the values that they learned into their daily lives, becoming global citizens.

With it being difficult being able to conduct events this semester, the International Club has been doing heavy planning for the future. Members are looking forward to attending an NBA basketball game.

Like many students, they are hoping that sports go back to normal soon. It is unfortunate that due to COVID, many international students were not able to return to school this year. Even with that, Siena still has one of the largest international groups that the University has ever had.

Overall, International Club’s President Gustavo Barros said, “this club follows the mission of Siena Heights University becoming more competent, purposeful, and ethical through a teaching and learning environment which respects the dignity of all.”