Saddle Up with The Right Gear to Make You Ride Like A Pro


Saddle Up with The Right Gear to Make You Ride Like A Pro

            Almost every single sport requires the athlete to wear some sort of equipment when participating in any sport. In the sport of Equestrian, the rider needs proper equipment to ride their horse in competitions for their safety and keeping their own horse safe as well. In addition, the horse is always required to have the proper equipment to protect its back and spine when the rider must ride their horse for practice and competitions. When both the rider and the horse are equipped with all the proper and necessary equipment both parties do not have to worry about injuries to either of them.

            When riding your horse in either Western or English style of riding there is proper equipment that the horse needs to have a safe ride at competitions. The following items the horse needs for riding include: a saddle with girth or cinch, a saddle pad or blanket, bridle and bit, a helmet, and leather stirrups. Every horse is required to have a saddle for the rider to sit on when riding the horse along with a saddle pad which goes underneath of the saddle. The saddle pad is to protect the horse’s spine by having some support and cushion layer after putting the saddle on top. When it comes down to the rider using a helmet that is to protect the riders head from any impact that they may come encounter within a competition. The helmet is always useful when getting bucked off their horse and the rider hits their head on the hard dirt. Finally, the stirrups are an essential part when it comes to riding your horse since they tell the horse what to do and where you would like the horse to go when it comes to directions.

            This next section will talk about what equipment the rider needs to have when it comes to riding their horse. The rider needs the following equipment to ride: a pair of riding pants (breeches or jodhpurs), a breathable shirt, a good pair of boots (tall or short boots), half chaps, a helmet (equestrian use), and a riding vest (equestrian use).  A rider will need riding pants (breeches) because they are designed to be worn particularly for riding your horse. Breeches are made from a stretchy fabric that does not restrict any sort of movement the rider has when it comes to riding. A breathable shirt allows the rider to have tons of mobility without having to become so restricted in case the individual must move a certain way super-fast. The last thing the rider will need is a good pair of riding boots either long or short are good when riding since they have texture on the bottom of them which is good when sliding into the stirrups.

            The other equipment that the rider will need to provide for their horse would be necessities to keep them alive. The feeding equipment the owners provides for the horse is a feed bucket, feed container, a water trough, and lastly a water heater for the trough or heated buckets. When grooming the horse, the rider will need these tools to keep their horse looking show ready when it comes down to competitions. The tools needed for grooming are a halter, lead ropes, a hoof pick, body brush, mane comb, cloth, fly repellent, and even blankets for cold weather. When having a horse, it can be costly to take care and have them based on how much upkeep you must do when you own one. Having a horse is like taking care of a child they require lot of attention and care when you own one, but it is worth the investment in the long run. When the rider and the horse have all the proper equipment, they will be able to jump over the obstacles in the competitions.