Covet Excited for Equestrian Club Activities


Kindell Covey, a sophomore at Siena Heights University, is a member of the Equestrian club. Covey is from Sand Creek, Michigan where she lives and attended Sand Creek high school. Covey talks about the many different shows that the Equestrian club will be going to this year and the different styles of riding that happens at these competitions. Covey says, “The first show the club will be going to is at Michigan State University and that show is the Cowboy Christmas show which is at the end of November.”

When it comes to the different styles of riding, Covey pretty much has all the styles of riding. Covey says, “I mostly do Western and English. The only events that I do not are jumping and Jim Connor (speed events).” Covey says, “Sometimes I will do the Jim Connor (speed events) at competitions just for fun even though I am not very good at it.” The two styles of riding she does are Western and English, and the events she competes in are called Showmanship and Trail.

Covey has a very different style of riding when it comes to some of her teammates on the Equestrian club team. Covey says, “I know you interviewed Avery Nagaj; her style of riding is very different from mine since she has an Off-Track Thoroughbred Horse which is strictly used for jumping events.” Covey rides all around which is the style of riding in Western and English like Stockhorse types of events since her horse is an Overo Paint and is best used for events like this. Covey says, “When it comes to competing Avery and I will be judged a little bit differently from the judge’s perspective of the horse and because we are showing in different divisions.”

Covey says, “I am not very good at this since I am very busy, and I do not find a lot of time to practice.” Covey talks about one of the main reasons it is hard for her to find time to practice because of school, work, and everything else she has going on in her life. Covey says, “I just got on this weekend and that was probably the first time I’ve gotten on in a week or two and it’s been a little while.” She talks about how much her sister practices riding a week since she is on the Equestrian team at her high school (Sand Creek). Covey says, “My sister since she is showing more frequently than I am and is riding two to three times a week if not more than that.” Kindell cannot wait to get on Pudge and leap into the competitions to go home with winning ribbons this year.