Haunted House Scary Good Fun


On Oct. 27, SPARC and Student Engagement brought Halloween spirit to campus for Siena Heights students to enjoy. Students who enjoy being scared had the option to enter an inflatable haunted house and be spooked by their peers.

The haunted house scarers were Siena Heights students who volunteered to help out and scare those who wanted to walk through the haunted house. The haunted house was brought to to campus by a company; however, workers were not provided. Due to this, students were asked to volunteer to scare the participants and there were six students located throughout the house to scare people.

Students participating in the event had fun, regardless in the way they participated.

“It was fun being able to dress up and do makeup in order to get in the Halloween spirit and scare people,” said one of the students who took part in the scaring aspect of the event.

One could hear shrieks from all when waiting to enter the house, and it was a success from the student volunteer’s perspective.

Students who walked through seemed to enjoy the house as well. One student was skeptical about being scared by people she knew. After walking through she said, “I liked how dark it was inside the house. It made it easy to be scared, even though I knew the people who were working it.”

A crowd favorite was the squeaky toy used to enhance the scare factor of the house.

“My favorite part was the squeaky toy. When I first saw Adrianna she freaked me out until it registered that it was just her, but when I was walking away she snuck up on me and squeaked the toy and it scared me again,” said a student who was friends with the volunteers.

Overall, the haunted house seemed to be a hit for all students. Those who missed it this year, keep an eye out for it to return next year.

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