REVIEW: Doll n’ Burgers

Located in Tecumseh, Mich., Doll n’ Burgers is a fast food burger restaurant. Although, they may be classified a fast-food restaurant, they were not very fast.
I ordered the Bacon Deluxe Burger with a chicken breast patty, cheese curds, and a drink. The person I ate here with ordered the same burger but with the beef patty. When our food came out, we were given fries instead of cheese curds.
I liked the cheese curds, and my chicken burger was pretty good, but I forgot to ask them to leave off the lettuce, tomato, and onion – that was my fault though.
The person I went out to eat with said it had a typical fast-food taste. He personally was not a fan.
When it comes to the prices, we thought it was a bit overpriced compared to other fast-food restaurants. The total came to around $16 for one meal and a burger.
The COVID-19 precautions get a 10/10 because the employees were wearing masks and every other booth/table was blocked off to ensure social distancing.
I also liked the aesthetic/looks of the restaurant. It had photos of older cars on the walls, and I enjoyed the way it was set up. I included photos of the inside of the restaurant in this post.
Overall, my experience was not amazing, but it was not terrible either. I would suggest trying it, but I personally would not go out of my way for a second visit.