Art After Dark Engages Students for the Holidays

Art After Dark is a new engagement effort brought to students by the Office of Student Engagement at Siena Heights University.

Students come to the University Center living room and can partake in whatever art project is on the calendar for that day. So far, students have been able to make their own key chains or Christmas ornaments, taking place on two separate days with one more event coming up in this month.

The first Art After Dark was hosted on Nov. 11 and was a keychain-making event. Students used templates, resin and colors to make their own creations. Students used cups and popsicle sticks to mix the resin with colors to get their desired keychain. After this, students poured the resin into the molds provided. Once the resin dried students attached a medal keychain loop to the project and have a keychain they made themselves.

The second Art After Dark was hosted on Nov. 17 and was a Christmas ornament-decorating event. Students could pick from the types of ornaments provided, wood, plastic or globe and decorate them with the materials provided. Options included paint to decorate or glitter to fill or decorate. Once students were done, they had an ornament they were able to take home to make their dorm a little more festive or give as a gift.

Art After Dark is a fun and simple way for students to get out of their residence hall and take a study break. Art is a good outlet to let out some stress and students do not have to commit a large chunk of time in order to participate in this event. Siena Heights students who wish to be kept up-to-date on upcoming art events, follow @shuengage on Instagram.