Continuing the Family Legacy

Homecoming Week is all about school spirit and a week for students to get together and do fun activities. It is also a chance for alumni to comeback and relive the “glory days” at Siena Heights University. The theme for Homecoming this year is “Legacy,” and one alumni in particular came to mind: Jack McGurk.

McGurk attended Siena Heights in 1986-90 and got a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. He also played baseball at Siena from, and he was also the graduate assistant coach in 1990-92. McGurk and his 1989 baseball team were inducted into the SHU Athletic Hall of Fame in 2017.

In 1992, he got a master’s degree in Agency Counseling. In 1998, he completed his teacher education program. Finally in 2012, he completed his administrative certification.

When asked what Siena Heights means to him, McGurk said, “It means a lot to me. I earned two degrees and two certifications from there.”

He also said that it means family to him.

“Everyone there is so nice, helpful, and caring. The Siena community is so welcoming and truly wants to see their students succeed.”

McGurk said he enjoys going to Homecoming Weekend to catch up with people who he went to school with, as well as seeing the new facilities that have been built.

When asked how he feels about his daughter, who is currently attending Siena, he said, “I am happy, excited, and proud that she has chosen Siena Heights.”

Siena Heights means a lot to the McGurk family. His brother, Anthony McGurk, also attended Siena Heights, earning an undergraduate degree in 1994 and his graduate degree in 1996.

There are many memories that have been made there, and Jack McGurk said he can’t wait to see the memories that his daughter will make there as well.