REVIEW: One-Act Plays

Recently I got to attend the One-Acts, which are a bunch of short plays put on by Siena Heights students. There were directors and other just actors in the play. The shows were very interesting, sad and funny.

I had two that stood out to me more than any of the other ones, though.

The first one was a story about a grandfather and his granddaughter, two animal activists who controlled an area populated with an endangered species. While watching to get some background of the grandpa and granddaughter, I realized they have a very close relationship and loved each other very much.

Halfway through the play, you learn the grandpa has some sort of disease, and it is fatal. The twist, though, is that the only cure was the bone marrow from those endangered species they spent all of her life protecting. They have arguments and the grandpa won’t give in, and the daughter realizes those animals are so important, even though it was hard to accept the fact she needs to save them over her grandpa. It was a very emotional play and the actors did a great job.

The second play I have the pleasure of seeing was a comedy about two fifth-graders who have conversations in a childlike manner, with adult details. For example, they were talking about quote unquote “napping together,” which is referring to having sexual intercourse but in a smudged hidden way.

The whole play was full of this, and it really appealed to the crowd. Everyone loved it, and the room was filled with laughter. The actors for the play also just had a dynamic duo that seemed almost too real. I laughed so hard I cried.

If you ever get the chance to go see some of the students one-acts, I 100 percent recommend it. Because you don’t know what you will get, but I promise you, it will be good.