Chicago’s Davis Finds a Home at Siena Heights

Kayla Davis

The Siena Heights women’s softball team has been a powerhouse for the past few years, but everyone knows that you have to recruit the best high school players every year.


Coaches have to be very professional during the recruiting process. The reason being is that if they don’t make the players and their parents feel comfortable, then they simply will not want to attend that university and will take their talents to another school. 


The athlete of the week is Kayla Davis, and she is from the suburban side of Chicago, Ill. Davis has been playing softball for about 7 years, however, she did take a break from playing for about two years.


Davis said she fell in love with the game of softball in high school when she hit a home run and a cycle for the first time. When asked why she chose Siena, she said, “This was my first time being away from home, and I didn’t what to be super far from home, so I chose somewhere close.”


Chicago is quite a drive, being almost four hours, but it’s still fairly close, as it’s only about a 45-minute flight by plane.