REVIEW: Numazu Delights

Numazu Delights is a Japanese restaurant located in downtown Adrian, Mich. It is a mix between a small shop and a restaurant. They have many Japanese products, such as cool juices, chopsticks, Japanese snacks and candies, and many more items.
Before ordering the food, I bought a $9 canister of green matcha tea and two pairs of chopsticks that cost less than $3 each. I have made multiple iced matcha lattes with the tea I bought, and it is amazing!
For my meal, I ordered a chai tea with boba (bubble-looking balls in the bottom of the drink), and the chicken ramen noodle bowl. The person who came with me ordered the shrimp udon noodle bowl and grabbed a mango juice for the drink. We also ordered the shrimp tempura sushi roll. Individually, the meals were not too expensive, but we were stunned when the total came to over $50. However, considering the extra items we bought, it makes sense.
The noodle bowls were amazing. I loved mine, and the person I visited with loved his. As for the sushi roll, I was not a fan, but I also am not a huge fan of sushi anyway. The person I went out to eat with said the sushi roll was pretty good, but not the best roll he has ever had. The chai tea was tasty, but I personally did not like the boba, so I ended up not drinking the tea because it was hard to drink it without slurping up a boba.
The two women who were working during our visit were extremely friendly and provided excellent service.
As for COVID-19 precautions, everyone had a mask on. Customers are expected to have a mask on unless sitting down at their table. They did offer dine-in eating when we visited, but with the new laws in Michigan, this could have changed. We did have to sign into a book writing our names and phone numbers because we were dining in.
In conclusion, we had a wonderful experience at Numazu Delights. It was my first time visiting, and I will definitely be returning for another chicken ramen noodle bowl!
Service: 10/10
Food: 9/10
Prices: 9/10
COVID-19 Precautions: 10/10
Overall Experience: 9.5/10