Cedar Point Trip a Highlight for SHU Students


On Oct. 22, Siena Heights SPARC and the International Club hosted a Cedar Point trip for Siena Heights students. The students who went had the day to ride rides, experience haunted houses and enjoy Halloweekends.

The students left at 10:30 a.m. and returned around 11 p.m. after a day filled with spooky fun.

“My favorite part was the haunted house,” said Dylan Barron, a student who experienced one of Cedar Point’s many haunted houses.

This particular haunted house was set up to look like a butcher shop and was called “The Slaughterhouse.” Some other haunted house options included Erie Mansion, Corn Stalkers and Freak Show, as well as outdoor scare zones where actors wander the streets of Cedar Point to scare those passing by. If being scared isn’t your thing, then one could buy a necklace that sends a signal to the actors not to scare people.

Aside from the scaring, there was a collection of Halloween decorations throughout the park.

“I liked the places all decorated for Halloween throughout the park,” said Liz Artz, director of Student Engagement.

There were things such as interactive sculptures, large skeletons and many pumpkins lining the walkways.

In addition to the Halloween festivities, there were the normal rides and shows that attract people to Cedar Point year-round. One popular ride was the Ferris Wheel, where one could get a look at the entire park from a new vantage point. Steel Vengeance was another large attraction, being the world’s first hyper-hybrid roller coaster.

Those who don’t love rides could find enjoyment at a variety of shows and demonstrations. One such demonstration takes place at the Glass Blowing Shop.

“This is just so cool,” said Kateri Golbiw of Campus Ministry, as she watched the glassblower create a pumpkin out of glass. The process was demonstrated from start to finish and allowed viewers to gain a deeper appreciation for the work that goes into glass blowing.

One Halloween demonstration one could partake in was a fortune teller. This was a favorite attraction of many.

“My favorite part was for sure the fortune teller,” said Artz.

Alexia Ferguson agreed: “I’m also so excited to be able to partake in events and spend time with people again after CoVID made so much of that impossible last year,” she said.

So whether one like rides, attractions, being scared or spending time with people, Cedar Point’s Halloweekends has something for everyone.

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