Sports Round-Up: Final Week

Siena Heights Athletics


On Nov. 17, the Saints (3-4) lost at Cornerstone (6-2) 82-67. DeMarco Dickerson registered his second double-double in back to back games with 23 points and 11 rebounds. He also contributed with two assist and a steal. The Saints had great protection of the ball only committing eight turnovers.

On Nov. 20, the Saints (4-4) won a battle at Lawrence Tech (4-4) 71-67. Keith Jordan Jr. had 21 points and was two rebounds shy of a double-double. Josh Winowiecki shot great from the field going 7-9 with 17 points. Jaquantay Rouser had 16 of the Saints 45 rebounds. The Saints as a whole shot 50% from the field and are back at a .500 record. The Saints will travel to CMU Nov. 25.

On Nov. 25 the Saints (4-5) lost at Central Michigan University (5-1) 103-75. Going up against a D1 opponent the Saints fared well shooting a 42.4% and outshooting them from the three point line, 34.8%- 30.0%. The Saints bench also played a huge part scoring 38 of the teams 75. Keith Jordan Jr. led the Saints in both points (13) and rebounds (7). The Saints finally return home as they go up against Concordia

On Nov. 28 the Saints (5-5) won at home to Concordia (1-8) 70-63 to end Nov.  The Saints are now 3-1 in the WHAC. The Saints shot 44.4% from the field. DeMarco Dickerson led the Saints with 16 points. The Saints will look to start December off with a win as they travel to UNOH on December 1st.

On Dec. 1 the Saints (6-4) won at Northwestern Ohio (2-8) 95-70. The Saints shot great with a 58.6% from the field and 64% from beyond the arc. The bench once again came up huge in the Saints victory as they scored 48 points. Keith Jordan Jr. had 18 points shooting a perfect 3-3 from the ark and 6-9 overall. PJ Austin also had a monster game with 17 shooting 3-5 from the three-point line and 6-8. Lastly with 16 points and a team leading seven rebounds was DJ Lundy shooting 6-8 from the floor. The Saints look to continue extending above .500 as they take on Lourdes at home on December 5.

On Dec. 5 the Saints (7-4) go into a three-game winning streak as they won at home to Lourdes (6-6) (Ohio) 93-78. Josh Winowiecki had a double-double in the contest with 16 points and 13 rebounds, which was enough to lead the team in the rebounds category in the contest. Keith Jordan Jr. led the scoring with 20 points and 7 rebounds. The Saints will look to keep the streak alive as they take on Madonna at home December 8th.


On Nov. 17, the Saints (3-2) won at Cornerstone (1-8) 78-60. Demi Russell led the Saints with 22 points, eight rebounds and four assist while shooting 10-15 from the field. Alyssa Larson also had a monster game where she was able to score 21 points coming off the bench and shot 10-14. The Saints shot 51.8% from the field and had 43 total rebounds and 38 of their 78 points coming from the bench.

On Nov. 20, the Saints (4-2) defeated their cross town rivals Adrian (3-2) at home 66-36. This game put the Saints at four straight wins as Kiana Votava lead the Saints shooting 6-9 with 14 points and had a team high of four steals and five rebounds to add to her stat line. Sharmaine Wills led the Saints in rebounding pulling in nine of the 40 off the rim and had six points, three assist, and two steals.

On Nov. 24, the Saints (5-2) continue to keep their streak as they outworked Wright St. Lake (0-6) at home in the Thanksgiving tournament, 100-32. Sharmaine Wills earned her first double-double of the season with 16 points and 10 rebounds, seven being on the offensive side of the ball. Alyssa Larson shot perfect from the field going 7-7 with 14 points. The Saints bench had a total of 61 points in the contest and the Saints worked in the paint scoring 62 of their 100 there.

On Nov. 25, the Saints (6-2) won an overtime thriller against Saint Xavier (Ill.) (3-3) at home to win the Thanksgiving tournament 80-75.  Sharmaine Wills had her second consecutive double-double with 18 points and 12 rebounds. It was a team win as the Saints outrebounded (50-42), had more points coming from a rotational role from the bench (40-13) and shot a 41.1% to Saint Xaviers 37.1%. The Saints look to now extend their streak to seven straight as they take on Concordia at home on November 28.

On Nov. 28, the Saints (7-2) won against Concordia (0-7) to finish off November at home 58-51. Alyssa Larson contributed in the Saints victory coming off the bench and contributing 13 points and 13 rebounds to earn her first double-double on the season. Though Larson only shot 3-9 from the field she was able to fight her way to the line 14 times and able to convert on half of them. The Saints bench is something that teams should fear as they scored 31 of the Saints 58.

On Dec. 1, the Saints (8-2) won their 8th straight at Northwestern Ohio (3-7) 81-67. Kiana Votava was the Saints leading scorer with 17 points and shot 7-11 from the field and 3-3 from the line. Peyton Banks was one rebound shy of a double double as she scored 16 points, 10 of which came from the free throw line where she shot a perfect 10-10. The Saints also had 18 assist in the contest.

On Dec. 5, the Saints (9-2) won their 9th straight against Lourdes (Ohio) (5-6) at home 73-48. Demi Russell led the scoring charge with 19 points, seven which came from the line. The Saints shot great from the free throw line as they were able to convert on 19 of their 22 attempts. Alyssa Larson earned her first start of the season and it paid off as she was able to score 18 points while shooting 8-14 and nine rebounds. The Saints will play at home against Madonna Saturday, December 8, as they look to extend their streak to 10 wins.


The Saints finished 7 of 13 at Westgate Bowl in Comstock, Mich., averaging 908.3 pins per game/baker in the 7.2 matches with a total pin count of 6540. The Saints’ best pin count came in the second one with 965 pins and their first baker with 730 pins.


The Saints finished 5 of 12 competing teams in the WHAC third jamboree with 6228 total pins and an average pin count of 865 through the 7.2 games. The Saints came out red hot in their first match knocking 981 pins in the first game and had their best baker game with 687 pins.


All information gathered from the Siena Heights Athletic web site.