Column: Reflections on March Madness

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Column: Reflections on March Madness

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March is a very exciting time of the year for college basketball. March Madness brings a lot of joy and excitement to the college hoops fans. The beautiful thing about the NCAA tournament is that it is very hard to predict who will win it all.

There have been history of teams that have never made it to the tournament, going all the way to the final four.

Fans make brackets and money is lost due to teams winning upset games. For example, Duke played Michigan State in the elite eight, and the majority of people put their bet on Duke. However, it turned out that Michigan State had the will to win more than Duke.

In addition, in the NCAA tournament usually the team with the most experience will go the furthest because they have the senior and junior leaders who have played in the tournament in the past.

Millions of people make a bracket with their favorite team winning, but it never usually goes that way.

March Madness games are easily the most unpredictable games. A majority of games come down to the last couple of seconds, which means these games can keep a fan out of their seat all the way until the clock hits zero.

March Madness is a different type of basketball; nothing but game winning shots and overtime wins. March is full of madness.

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