Saints Women’s Volleyball Loses Two

After splitting their first four matches on Aug. 31, on Sept. 7 the Saints lost a pair of matches.

The Saints gave up a 25-15 decision in the fourth set against Goshen, Ind., after leading 2-1. Janel Ruhlman led the Saints with 17 kills but that would not be enough to come up with the victory after Goshen defeated them 16-14 in the last set.

In the second match against Indiana-South Bend the Saints also led their opponent 2-1 before South Bend won the fourth set sending it to a fifth set. Ruhlman led the Saints with 16 kills, but again that was not enough after South Bend came out with the win in the fifth set, 15-11.

The Saints plan to break the losing streak taking on Madonna Sept. 11.