Sports Interview with Josh Mitchell

Josh Mitchell is an 18-year-old high school student at the Adrian Technology Center and loves to report about any sports. Mitchell states, “I got into reporting at 15-years-old, where I would make videos about him covering the topic of battle bots.” Josh did not get into covering sports until this year, in the fall of 2022. When asked why he likes to report about sports Josh states, “It is my passion and something that I love to do and make a career out of sports reporting in the future.”

The primary sport that Josh reports on is the game of football since it is his favorite sport. Growing up, Josh never considered playing football, even though he was super into the sport. However, Josh wanted to find a way where he could participate in the sport of football somehow. Mitchell states, “I never played football in my life, but this is my way of participating in the game I love by reporting on the game.” When asked if Josh was interested in being a sports reporter on tv was something he is highly considering in the future ahead of him. Mitchell states, “In the future, I would like to also get into talk radio but would rather focus on sports.”