COLUMN: Finding Home As a Saint


I am one of many people who live away from home and live as a part of the Siena Heights University campus.

My first semester at Siena, I did feel some homesickness, but I also enjoyed being able to live away from home.

There were many good sides to being able to live on campus, but there were also plenty of downsides. The most apparent downside was that I did not have my mom, dad, sister, or any of my pets around. I am someone who loves being around his family, especially my cat. It was hard being away from home because of how badly I missed them. I am sure that most, if not all of us, have felt this before.

On the bright side of things, it was fun being able to do the things that interested me when I wanted to do them. It is fun being able to set my own rules and manage myself instead of having to rely on my parents.

As for more Siena-specific factors, I love doing things around campus that make it more of a home instead of a school. The main thing that I come to love doing is Psych Club. I am one of the newer members, but I love being able to have something to look forwards to doing. I am an inherently shy and quiet person, so being able to have these groups of people around campus that aren’t my family are very beneficial to me because I am able grow in terms of my social life.

Another thing I have come to enjoying about living away from home is being able to have control over my meals and experimenting with my cooking. While my cooking does not come close to the meals and flavors that my mother can dish out, I am excited to be able to create my own recipes and dishes that I am passionate about. And for the days when I am too lazy or tired to make my own meals, I have the cafeteria to go to for a quick meal.

Overall, I have found the experience of campus to be a fun and interesting experience.