REVIEW: The Big Ten: League of Legends


The month of October marks an important date for the world of eSports and for the company of Riot Games, the founders of the multi-billion-dollar game turned sport, League of Legends.

On Oct. 15, 2019 at 9 p.m., Riot Games celebrated the 10th anniversary of their passion project, League of Legends, and all of the top-secret projects that they’ve been working on since the game’s release back in 2009 as well as a few other “treats” for their players. The world went wild with the news that was unveiled during the 10-year celebration stream hosted by Riot Games, including myself.

The stream started off with a look at some of the most memorable events during the game’s creation, including, but not limited to, the start and rise of eSports, various memes created about the game, and various moments reflecting their fans’ love for the game. The reflection was very touching as it showed all of the sweet memories that players have been able to develop over the years.

As for myself, I could remember some of the events in the reflection, such as various streams I watched. After the 10-year-summary, the stream moved into the exciting part of the entire stream: The 10-Year Riot Pls.

A Riot Pls is a special video where the developers of Riot Games communicate with their fans about changing coming to League of Legends in the following weeks. The 10-year one was extra special, and ignited the League of Legends fanbase with excitement.

The Riot Pls opened with Joe, the head of the Riot Dev Team, who started off the special stream with reflecting the power of the League of Legends community and thanking the audience for making League of Legends more than just a game and helping them make the world a better place.

Through the power of League of Legends community, the community came together and aided the Red Cross, Make A Wish Foundation, and over $3 million to charities voted on by the fanbase of the game, as well as raising an additional $20 million around the world. They thanked them for making the game a part of life and for the contribution made by the community as well as showing that the game mattered to them. I was impressed that our community of people was able to raise so much money to benefit other people through the in-game purchases that people make over the year.

To show their appreciation, Riot Games announced that they will be holding 10 days of gifting by rewarding their players with gifts every day they log into the game. The only requirement is that you had to create an account before the stream went live.

Additionally, Riot Games brought back the beloved feature, “Your Shop,” which is namely massive discounts on the in-game cosmetics and other in-game features. And to make it extra special, they included the chance for you to get top-tier items in “Your Shop” to celebrate the stream and the anniversary. I love the “Your Shop” feature, as it has gotten me some sweet details on some skins that I enjoy to this day.

Additionally, the most beloved game mode in all of League’s history, URF, was back for the celebration of the game’s birthday. Myself an URF lover, as well as millions of other players, were ecstatic to see the return of this beloved game mode. This is a game mode where your characters have no spells costs nor cooldown, allowing you to spam your character’s abilities without any sign of stopping. It is fun game mode that I enjoy playing with my friends and creating new memories with them through his game mode.

The stream then cut over to Jessica, one of the devs of the game. She announced that the game would be gaining support for Arabic players by providing all League of Legends services in Arabic.

This announcement led into one of the first big announcements of the stream. Jessica announced that in the preseason of 2020, the entire map of League of Legends, would be getting a massive change to freshen things up with the Rise of the Elements. The Elemental Drakes of the game were updated to completely change the map of the game once slain. Viewers in both the chat and comment section of the stream were hyped from the changes. I was excited to see the changes because Summoner’s Rift, the name of map, was pretty boring. But with this change it brings a new element to each and every game so every game is always interesting.

Following this announcement, Jessica revealed the next champion coming to the game. a champion who is part of one of the game’s biggest and well-known rivalries in the entire game: Senna.

Senna is the returned wife of Lucian, a current champion in the game, who was slain by Thresh, another champion in the game. With the return of Senna, the fanbase was excited to see the story of some of the game’s most beloved characters being developed. I was super excited to see this new champion because she falls under the role I love playing in the game: marksman. Marksman is the ranged character on the team that uses bows, guns, throwing knives and other projectiles to do damage and win the game.

If the fanbase wasn’t already hyped up after these announcements, the game devs surprised the fanbase, as well as the entire eSports industry, with revelation of the top-secret new games that they’ve been working on. The first of the big announcements was the revelation of a mobile version of both League of Legends and Team Fight Tactics with completely overhauled visuals.

With the pan still hot, they revealed the completely new games they’ve been working on. They revealed their projects as their new FPS (first-person shooter) and their new card game, Legends of Runeterra, as well as an unnamed street fighter game. I wasn’t that excited for the street fighter game as I don’t find them interesting, but as for the other two games being developed, I was excited because I love playing those types of games as well as League.

Finally, the co-founders of the game, Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill, announced the highest request and most anticipated change of the entire stream. Coming in 2020, the co-founders announced that they will begin making new stories in unique ways by creating their own television shows based off of the game that everyone has come to love so much with the new animated show.

Arcane features the characters Vi and Jinx in their childhood life before they became their iconic selves as their players know them today. This was also something I found incredibly interesting. I don’t normally watch too much television, but I may add this as something I want to watch and experience because I do love Jinx and Vi, and this animated series will develop those two characters in a unique, never-seen-before way.

If you are interested in learning about this celebration, you can view the archived stream here: