COLUMN: Humanity Together, Apart: How Singer Erykah Badu Brings Fans Together in Time of Distance.


On Tuesday, March 24, Erykah Badu launched the first episode of her Apocalypse One Quarantine concert series. The singer and her talented band members hosted one of the first interactive concert series. Viewers had the chance to pick the songs that were performed, and also answer some engaging poll questions.

Some of the songs that were sung included; “Healer,” “Bag Lady,” “Master Teacher,” “On and On,” along with a few other tracks and some fun freestyling.

The musicians managed to create an inclusive atmosphere of a traditional concert in the form of a live stream.

Badu’s technology team created questions asking whether or not the singer should remove her pants or her wig. The questions sparked some entertaining moments when the bass player and the piano player were asked to switch places. They also provide some educational polls regarding the supposed three asteroids which are traveling toward the earth.

Overall, Badu and her band creating a calming ambiance, making the listener feel as if they were right there with her in her bedroom. Her chilling vocals along with the talented vocals of her backup singers made for a chilling experience, helping the listener forget the trials and tribulations of real life at the moment.

The artist only asked for $1, in exchange for her musical talent. She explained that the money would go towards paying her and her band, and even the members that could not make it to the concert due to current circumstances. She assured all of her band members, present or not, that they were “still on the payroll.” She expressed that any extra money would go towards charities.

Though she stated that she hadn’t expected many people to attend the online concert, over 7,000 people were tuned in from their homes. Stars like Beyonce, Jay Z, Andre 3000, Billie Eilish, and Common (among others) also showed their support for Badu and her band.

This was only the first installment of the Apocolypse One series, and so one can expect the viewers to be anticipating another innovative and interactive series sometime in the near future.