COLUMN: What Can We Do?


It has infected our news sources, and social media experiences. It has affected our daily lives to the point that we have made major adjustments to the way that we make a living. Many have come to the realization that COVID19 is in fact real, and dangerous, as the media reminds us of this on a daily basis.

As students of Siena Heights University, we are called upon to be Competent, Purposeful, and Ethical individuals. The world needs people with these qualities, now, more than ever. So, it is important that we ask ourselves what can be done to help.

First and foremost, it is important that we heed Gov. Whitmer’s executive order to stay safe and stay at home. Staying quarantined at home lessens the risk of spreading the virus, especially to those who are at a higher risk. Exposing yourself to this dangerous virus could possibly add to the burden that is currently being experienced within hospitals.

Health professionals have been working tirelessly in order to support the community during this frightening time. Give back to them by staying healthy.

It’s understandable that staying at home can incite feelings of helplessness. Celebrities, such as Misha Collins, encourages that people make homemade masks in order to support our healthcare professionals.

Apparently, there is a shortage of N95 masks. N95 masks are effective in preventing airborne particles from entering the body via the face. Doctors and nurses are required to remove these masks after only one use.

Homemade masks can be used over N95 masks, sanitized, and then reused. This lessens the amount of N95 masks that are being discarded.

Lastly, let us not forget the essential workers; those who still deliver us food, work in grocery stores, collect garbage, etc. If you order some food from a delivery service, tip the driver extra. If you go to the store, thank the workers in any way you can.

Always be cognizant of those who risk their lives so that yours remains safe.