Polomcak Balances Academics and Volleyball

Grace Polomcak is a junior at Siena Heights and is from Niles, Mich. She is currently an Elementary Education major. Polomcak also plays volleyball for Siena Heights and has scored a season-high of 11 kills in 2018 as a freshman.  

When asked what got her playing volleyball in the first place, she said, “I’ve played it since I was young. I’ve always been the type of kid that wants to do everything. Volleyball just ended up being my thing, so I stuck with it for years.”

She said she was recruited by SHU volleyball head coach Kim Berrington while playing at a national tournament in Chicago. After the game was over, she was approached by Berrington and asked to come and tour the campus. Upon arrival, she said she instantly fell in love with the campus and knew Siena would be a great fit for her. 

Even with all the great things in her life, she said she did go through a little bit of adversity as many people face. When she was a freshman at Siena, her grandpa, who she was very close with, passed away. She said she faced depression and had to bounce back mentally and emotionally.

She said she is still struggling with this today. However, she is learning how to overcome her hard times and is doing great in school. After college, Polomcak plans to move to South Carolina with her friend from high school and get a job as a teacher and possibly a coaching job on the side.

She is on track to graduate in May 2022.