TikTok Ban Off: For Now

The year 2020 has been filled with surprises, and as the final months roll in, users of the popular app, TikTok, have had another dropped on them. The app is allegedly being shut down.
As of July 2020, TikTok has been under review by the President of the United States. The possibility of this happening has been a long time coming. However, as of Sept. 20, President Trump has approved the continuation of use of the app, only if the creators approve new policies set by the United States.
Many users were left in a state of confusion when they found out that TikTok would be taken down. The app was set to be removed from the app store and eventually banned all together because the President deemed it to be a breach of National Security.
The app was created by a Chinese App developer, and President Trump has expressed his constant concern for the The United State’s National Security being invaded by the Chinese Government.
Trump has demanded that the TikTok creators secure the the users data and privacy settings. In order to do this, Tik Tok has agreed to merge into what will now be called TikTok Global in which American companies, Oracle and Walmart will work with the original TikTok company, ByteDance, to have joint ownership of the app.
So, as of now, TikTok users can continue using the app, without fear of it being taken down!