Lawrence Back to Help Program He Helped Start

Bob Lawrence, who is a Siena Heights graduate, is back at his alma mater, where he attended graduate school.

Lawrence is from New York, where he was recruited to play football at Adrian College. Lawrence committed to play football at Adrian, where he played all four years. After those four years, Lawrence went across town to finish his master’s degree at Siena Heights.

Shortly after Lawrence got his master’s degree, he helped out with starting the Siena Heights men’s and women’s golf program, where he was a big factor in getting that underway.

Along with football, Lawrence has been playing golf for a very long time, since the age of 14. Lawrence said he fell in love with golf because of the challenge and self-discipline that it taught him as well as “the beauty of the game.”

Lawrence said he loves being able to play some of the most beautiful courses that are out there. With Lawrence’s interest in golf, he said he felt the interest in starting the golf program for both the men and women.

After being a part of the golf program when it first started, Lawrence left to pursue a career in being a probation officer at the district court in Adrian. At the district court, Lawrence worked at the Department of Corrections as a probation parole agent. During that time Lawrence still wanted to work on the weekends at Wolf Creek Golf Course in Adrian,.

He said he always wanted to stick around the game of golf and work on a golf course  part time.

Lawrence, who is now retired, decided he wanted to come back and be a part of the program he was involved in starting. When Lawrence got the call from Siena Heights head golf coach Al Sandifer, Lawrence said he knew this would be the job for him because Lawrence and Sandifer have known each other for 35 years. He saidcoming back to coach with his longtime golf league partner at The Hills of Lenawee was an easy decision.

Lawrence’s said the favorite part about coming back for his first season back with the program has been “interacting with the students and seeing the beautiful courses.”

With the first men’s and women’s tournament being in Shepherdsville Ky., this spring, Lawrence said is really looking forward to going to Heritage Hill Golf Course,which is one of Kentucky’s highest ranked courses.

As for the rest of the spring season, Lawrence said he is excited because he believes that both the men’s and women’s teams have a “good team with a great schedule.”