Saint’s Softball Squad Uses Motto for Motivation


“Saints for life” has been the Siena Heights Softball team’s motto for as long as any of them can remember. That motto stands for the family that this team has created and the bond that will never die. Once you take your first steps on the field and feel the clay beneath your feet, you’re in. The softball team at Siena recently just welcomed in the new incoming freshmen who are “hardworking, nice, and have the perfect drive.” The long bus rides for games and their spring break trip brings their team together with every mile. They bring booming speakers, ribbon for hair, and a positive attitude. This year, the team is taking a plane to Arizona, and they are all very excited. Currently, the team is in fall ball which leads into the trip for Arizona. After the last game of fall ball in Arizona, the team gets into their huddle, put their hands together and yell “Saints for Life”, bringing that chant into the beginning of the new season.