Nickelodeon’s Animal Magic Returns


This upcoming Tuesday, Feb. 23, the Beta Beta Beta (BBB) biology honorary will host Animal Magic for the second straight year. If students missed it last year, this is their chance to see the magic!

BBB President Amber Denomme said “Animal Magic is a sanctuary that Mark Rosenthal does to help exotic animals that were either taken by people, abused, or mistreated,” she said. “He saves them and puts them in his sanctuary that he owns.”

Animal Magic came to campus last year and was pretty successful, Denomme said.

“We had a great turn out. Rueckert was packed, and I’m hoping that we’ll do that again this year,” she said.

Rosenthal travels the country performing shows with his animals, educating those about the exotic animals and how he has tried to battle the problem of conservation, and also what we can do to further help the cause. He was also named Nickelodeon’s Performer of the Year.

Denomme said this event is not only fun (who doesn’t want to see exotic, unique animals?), but serves as an educational program, too, which is what Beta Beta Beta is all about.

“We are a national science organization, and I think a main point to our club is we want to bring more knowledge to science and show how it can be fun and enriching at the same time,” she said.

The animals Rosenthal is bringing have not been released yet, so those wishing to attend will have to wait in anticipation. However, Denomme shared her favorite.

“The African serval is the best. It’s the second fastest cat in the world,” she said.

Animal Magic will be at 7 p.m. in Rueckert Auditorium. Due to last year’s popularity, Denomme suggests students arrive early if they want a seat.