‘Marry’ Your Teammates: No Ring Necessary




The strongest unit I have ever seen is my parents. Are they perfect? No, but they are able to withstand problems, crises, raising three kids and still manage to love one another and us kids with the most unwavering love I have ever witnessed. With that being said, the best way I can describe what a good team dynamic is would be a marriage.

The best relationship advice my mom ever gave me was that I should always give my 100 percent, and the best athletic advice my dad ever gave me was that I should always give my 100 percent. If different parts of the unit aren’t collectively working at 100 percent, it will fall apart. If one player isn’t giving their all in a game, then the other team will prey on that weak spot and that will break the team down.

This also goes for relationships. If one person in the relationship isn’t always being honest or isn’t always loving the other like they should, the relationship will break down.

Another piece of advice my mom gave me was that men can’t read minds (didn’t stop me from trying it out). But the same works for a team. If one person on a team is upset with another, he or she shouldn’t wait until every emotion imaginable bubbles up and explodes and makes a scene. If you have a problem, say it, but say it the way you would want to be approached. No matter if you like your teammate or not, you are basically married to them, so treat them the way you want to be treated.spectra pic

Honesty is one of the most wanted traits in a spouse or partner, and the same goes for teammates. If you mess up, say it. If you snap because you’re frustrated, say it. Do not make excuses or blame other people because you messed up.

Have you ever heard someone mess up in their relationship, and their reasoning was because the other person wasn’t paying enough attention to them because they were too busy? That’s an excuse just like, “Well if someone didn’t do this, then I could have done this better.” That’s an excuse, be honest.

From countless married couples I’ve seen, I can say you’re not going to like every person your spouse brings into the picture. Whether it be a friend or family member, you have to remember that you love that person and nothing can tear you apart from them.

Same as a team. Are you going to be friends with every single one of your teammates? Probably not, but do you love your sport? Yes, so respect your teammate regardless of your own personal opinions because they are part of this marriage, whether you like it or not.

Marry your teammates, as weird as it sounds. Do it. Every single one of your teammates have committed themselves to you, your coaches, the rest of the team and the particular sport. No matter what happens, you have to remember why you are playing this sport – the same way that people who are married fight and then make up – because they love each other and are committed to one another.

Give 100 percent, be honest, be respectful and always remember the love and why you committed yourself.