Suitcase Weekends: SHU Students Pack Up and Leave Campus

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There are many universities around the country that are known as “suitcase colleges.” Schools that are labeled as this typically are small universities that do not offer much on the weekends so students often pack up for the weekend and head home.

Believe it or not, Siena Heights has been a suitcase college for some time now and some students why they decide to leave and what would they like to see on campus on the weekends to stay here.

Tyler Wolff, a sophomore and a Biology major, said he typically likes to stay to focus on his work for classes most times.

“Well, last year I was not involved in a lot of things here on campus, and I had so much free time. I loved going back home and spending time with my family and friends” said Wolff. “What also made me decide to go home on weekends was that my friends here on campus either left for sports or just went home, so I felt I would be pretty bored here on campus. And also I could just study a lot better in my room at home. If more of my friends stayed here on the weekends, I think I would stay, too. Plus, if there were more events on campus such as concerts, I feel it would be good to stay here on campus.”

Sophomore Jordan Wyckoff, who is a member of the band and basketball team, said, “I went home at times last year for a lot of family events, and we unfortunately had deaths in the family. I would like to see some events happen here on the weekends. Video game tournaments or even sports tournaments in the fieldhouse would be good.”

Students said they really do miss being home at times, and especially the family time most don’t realize they’ve been missing. Students said how they wish there were concerts and other things on campus on the weekends.

With Siena Heights being so small and not much to do on campus, the school will continue be labeled a suitcase college until something influences more students to stay on campus for the weekend.

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