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Playing Pace to Increase in Men’s Lacrosse

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This upcoming year could bring big changes to not only Siena Heights men’s lacrosse, but also the sport for all collegiate levels.

This big change is an idea of a shot clock. This change is not only to speed up the pace of the game and force more shots, but also to keep teams from stalling and running down the clock. This will have a large impact on the game as a whole, since this is the first year that the rule might be implemented; so teams and coaches will have much to adjust.

SHU men’s lacrosse coach Ed Maloney said he has many thoughts on how the rule might affect his team.

First, he touched on the two options for the shot clock. One option is when a goalie makes a save, the clearing team has 30 seconds to get the ball over the midfield line. After that is accomplished, the attacking team is awarded a 60-second limit to get a shot either in the net, hit the pipe, or the goalie makes a save. If the attacking team is able to get a shot on net and recover the loose ball, they are awarded a new 60 second shot clock.

The second option is when one teams goalie makes a save, that team has 60 seconds to not only clear the ball, but also get a shot on net as well.

Maloney said, “The first option is a better idea in my opinion. It gives the team time to clear the ball without having to be rushed and worry about how much time is on the clock.”

Maloney said he doesn’t mind if the rule is put in place.

“Our offense does not run plays. We run off motion, and not set plays. Which allows us to have an open-minded offense.”

The decision on if the shot clock will be a rule for the 2018 season is set to be determined in December or January.

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Playing Pace to Increase in Men’s Lacrosse