Midterm’s Over: It’s Getting Closer and Closer for Students at SHU

With the fall semester already passed the halfway mark, midterm grades have been posted for students. At times midterms have been stressful for some students because of exams they may have to take or the papers that have crucial deadlines.

Athletes on campus are the ones who really get stressed about midterms, their coaches remind them countless of times when they are coming up and how important it is for their grades to look good to keep their eligibility.

Freshman Otis Doss, who is a member of the football team, said, “My midterms went decent but they’ve could’ve been better. For the first half of the semester it’s been rough, but as the semester went on, I got accustomed to it. And I got accustomed to handling football and school. It’s going pretty good for me, so by the end of the semester I should be where I need to be.”

Midterms can be stressful for freshmen because it’s their first college semester and they are getting adjusted to college life. But upperclassmen are not safe, either. Most upperclassmen stay on top of their studies because they know how easy it is to slip away from what they were doing.

“I felt like I did pretty good. I got straight As for my midterm,” said Cameron Lee, a sophomore. “For the rest of the semester, I plan on just staying focused and not be oblivious to not failing, I guess.”

So with midterms already done, the fall semester of 2017 is slowly approaching towards the end. Students should start buckling down and finishing strong so that they won’t fall victim to feeling comfortable and ending up finishing with a low GPA.