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Final Exam Tips

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As the excitement of the holiday season approaches, along with the end of the Fall semester, something dreaded by many college students also comes along: Finals Week. For Siena Heights University, finals week is from Dec. 10-14. During this time, college students will be turning in semester projects, giving final presentations, and taking lengthy, cumulative exams.

This is a busy time for college students, and with the winter break approaching, it can be hard to stay focused. There are several tips and tricks to not only survive finals week, but to thrive as well.

The first of these is to not panic and make too much of the final. It will help to start by checking to see how much the final is worth for each of your college courses. That being said, do not be too relaxed and make too little of the final. Sometimes, the final can be a large portion of your final grade, so it is best to take it seriously, and aim to do your best.

Another tip is to work smarter, not harder by using an effective study method. The key to effective retention is repetition, and not putting your brain on overload. It is better to study in small chunks of time than it is in large chunks of time. Take many breaks, and allow your brain time to process the information you just studied.

A large tip to being successful during finals week is to get enough sleep. “All nighters” leave you tired, and cramming often leads to confusion about the material you have just studied. It is best to go into an exam feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Junior Kelsi Stover said, “I am excited to be done with the semester, but I know I have a lot of work to do for finals week. I try to stay extremely organized, and create several to-do lists when this week comes.”

Staying organized is another great way to tackle finals week. Make a to-do list, and record all of your exam times in a planner to stay on top of things. This, along with efficiently studying, and getting enough sleep will surely lead you to success!

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Final Exam Tips