Nani Schneider: Making the Best of a New Start

As a junior and biology major, Nani Schneider has a lot on her plate, but that doesn’t stop her from getting everything done.  Originally from Indiana, Schneider knew no one when she came to Siena Heights, so she thought that join clubs/organizations would help her get to know people. And turns out, it did.

When it comes to on campus involvement, one can find her everywhere.

For starters, with Adopt A Sister, where she meets with her Sister about twice a month or every two weeks.

Or the club Greenlight, which puts on events periodically.

GSA Pride is formed to help create a safe place for students.

Student Engagement helps around campus.

Phone-a-thon calls alumni to get them to donate to the school, and the O-Team helps freshmen get settled in.

Lastly, for the last three years, she’s tried to help out at the Humane Society when she can.

Before it closed due to it being a small campus and not enough recruits, Schneider was also part of a sorority on campus.  She said she was “kind of bummed out” when they decided to discontinue the sorority after all the work her and the girls put in, but she understood the reasoning. However, she said she still keeps in contact with the other girls even though some of them have already graduated or moved to different schools.  Schneider said she also continues to support the fraternity on campus.

She confesses, “I may seem outgoing but I am an introvert and I need to recharge, but I love to see if everyone is doing alright.”

When asked if she ever puts space in her schedule, she said yes, though her “me time” is quite different from what people might expect.  She said she likes to spend it going to football games, or hanging out with her friends.

Asking about balancing it all, she said, “I don’t know how I balance it. I’ve been busy all my life so it’s just a continuous thing for me, it always balances itself out with the type of work load and what I need to do for my clubs.”

Schneider does recommend that everyone tries to get involved with something on campus, and if students don’t know what to join, that’s what she and Student Engagement is for. She said it makes her happy that she can try and make a difference with the things she believes in.

Schneider said she has been busy all her life, but moving to a new state gave her the gift of meeting and creating a new group of best friends and family away from home.

She said one thing she wants people to know is if they ever need anyone to talk to, eat lunch with, or even just want to hang out, they can always come to her. Her door is always open.