SHU Market? Is it just as good as the SHU Shop or is it even better?

Formally knows as the SHU Shop, the SHU Market is the newest change to Siena Heights University food services.

The SHU Market now offers not only food but also some personal hygiene products, as well as some emergency products.

SHU Dining has revamped the inside coolers to be of more assistance to the students by creating a section for healthier foods, ice cream, frozen meals and snacks, flex meals, and finally, a section dedicated to drinks.

They also provide a small grocery store set up which offers multiple meal necessities and quick snacks to take back to your dorm or apartment for when you just don’t feel like heading to the store.

Not only do they still offer the flex meal options for students in a rush, they now also are running specials on full cases of water, certain snack foods, and occasionally buy one get one free deals.

This new SHU Market has now been filled with students ever since they added new items that are accommodating everyone.

The Market does still offer some of its old classics, such as the Starbucks counter that offers many of Starbucks’ popular drinks as well as their traditional coffee, a huge candy selection for those all-nighters to keep yourself awake, as well as holiday treats that correlate with the season we are in.

The SHU Market, however, though not as catchy to say as The SHU Shop, offers more than ever before.

If you haven’t stopped by the SHU Market located on the first floor of the University Center stop by and spend some of your flex dollars on a treat for yourself!