Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is considered to be an annual holiday by many Americans around the country, but many are uncertain about what this holiday will look like this year. While there have not been any official announcements as to whether or not stores will be continuing with annual Black Friday traditions, many larger stores have announced that they will be having Black Friday Deals online! This could be something new for some stores, because although most companies will participate in Cyber Monday, most rely on Black Friday sales for their big day. Because there has been a recent spike in COVID cases, there are shoppers who may not feel comfortable going out into the stores, which could also decrease the sales for these companies. As of now, some stores have announced that they will be starting to have online deals available, many even starting in early November. There have not been any official statements made about whether or not shoppers should look forward to in shopping this year, however. Shoppers can do an online search of early Black Friday deals and will be presented with the different stores that have already posted early deals, including: Walmart, Target, Macy’s, and Best Buy. As the holidays draw closer, the eagerness of holiday shopping will continue to build, and with the unknowingness caused by the pandemic, online shopping and the use of technology allows for shoppers to deal with this all much more easily!