Fun Holiday Activity Options

There are some of us who do not feel comfortable with participating in the typical Halloween activities. Because of this,new trends have come about, allowing for virtual Halloween. But what does this actually consist of?
“Forbes” provided a list of “8 Fun Virtual Halloween Activity Ideas,” which included activities for both parents and kids. But coming in at the top of the list was “Organize a Virtual Kids Costume Contest.” “Forbes” stated that most kids are going to miss out on the opportunity to show off their Halloween costumes because of the COVID pandemic.
Essentially, all you have to do to prepare for this event is choose a time and invite some guests to participate!
With applications such as Zoom being used, it is much easier to set up group events virtually. To add even more elements to the “party,” go ahead and create categories for a costume contest such as, most creative, scariest, funniest, etc.
You could even have each family make a treat or a dish to share with the group (by delivering them to each other beforehand) so that there is more of a group feel!
There are a ton of ideas online for those who need some extra creative help for the holidays. While things may feel a little bit different this year for the holidays due to the pandemic, we can try our best to be with family and friends even if it means having things like virtual parties!