Harcek, Saints Seek Another Nationals Run


Kyle Harcek joined the competitive cheer team last year as a junior for the first time while making a run to nationals.

This season, Harcek is looking forward to being able to compete and make another run at nationals. Harcek said he is also looking forward to tumbling on the mat this season, where last season he only had the skills to do stunts and baskets. Harcek is a dual major in sport management and communications.

With this year being Harcek’s only second year as well as his last year, he said his favorite part about being a part of the cheer team has been “the trust and confidence you have to put into everyone that is on the mat competing.”

Harcek stated that “one mess up in a catch, form and more can lead to massive deductions that can hurt your scoring in the long run.” Precision is a big part of being a part of the cheer team because all the little things matter. If one can execute all the little things then one can be very successful.

After college, Harcek said he plans to land a job with a professional sports firm. He wants to work for a team from any sport but he prefers to work for a professional football team.

Harcek said he would love to do something internal with a team whether it would be marketing, analytics, broadcasting, and more. Harcek’s dream job, however, would be to work for an NFL team or work for big news networks like ESPN and be on the Sportscenter show.