Lip Sync Battle Highlight of Homecoming Week


Every year, the Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) hosts an event called the Lip Sync Battle. What is it? Lip Sync is where students from any walk of campus (athletes, theatre, etc.) can come together and compete for a prize of $200 toward their sports team or student organization.

The event is hosted in Rueckert Auditorium with a packed house, and students have the free candy that is provided by SALT. If they want an individual award, SALT usually gives students a gift card to somewhere local in town.

This year, there were acts from women’s soccer, dance and football teams representing our athletes. The TEACH & Domestic Violence Awareness clubs were represented, which was where winner Rachel Burgess came from. Burgess did a lip sync performance of Ariana Grande‚Äôs song “Seven Rings.”

The real highlight of the night was wherever someone was sitting and there was a pink Post-It Notes under their chair, they had to go up and battle a random person who also had the Post-It Note. Some songs that were used in these battles was “I Want It That Way,” by Backstreet Boys, “Sexy and I Know It,” by LMFAO and “Forever” by Chris Brown.


Photos below by Sophia Kopicki