Wrestling: Siena Heights’ Newest Sport

Siena Heights over the past few years has been trying to add a new sport for years, but it didn’t know exactly which sport to add.

Athletic Director Sue Syljebeck said the university decided to bring back the sport of wrestling. Siena Heights had wrestling as a sport once, however, that was a very long time ago. It has been approximately 32 years since the Saint put on the latex, one-piece uniform.

Apparently, the reason that Siena is bringing wrestling the university is because wrestling is very popular in Lenawee County, especially in high school, and the people who run Siena athletics think it would be a great addition, Syljebeck said. Local high schools such as Clinton, Hudson, Adrian, and Tecumseh have a lot of talented kids who could be used to help Siena Heights bring home a NAIA national championship, she said.

Syljebeck said she has just recently began to look for coaches who would be a good fit four Siena. Also Siena does not yet have a building for wrestling, so for the first year, it will most likely be in the Fieldhouse.

The men’s wrestling program is set to take place in 2020. Another great thing about this new program, she said, is that it will help to bring more students to the university.