Centennial Edition: Celebrating Student-Athletes


Celebrating 100 years of Siena Heights University includes celebrating its largest group of students: athletes.

Siena has been a school proud of bringing in large classes of athletes to help continue the incredible legacy of national qualifiers and conference championship wins.

Siena has had a wide variety of athletics come and go in the past 100 years, including volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer and more recently, track and field, football and lacrosse.

This year it was announced that SHU would be bring back its wrestling team after a long hiatus that started in 1988. Following the reintroduction of men’s wrestling in 2020, SHU will also add women’s wrestling in the fall of 2021.

In the history of Siena athletics, it has also added a few coed sports such as cheer and dance. Siena Heights has also added its most modern sport for our current generation, which is E-sports; an athletic team that focuses on the mental strain required to complete certain technical and strategic games.

SHU Athletics has a huge influence on the community on campus, and most events are usually conducted around athletic events.

During its 100th year, Siena brought in its largest class of incoming freshmen, which included many athletes, making the current teams much larger than any other year.