REVIEW: Worlds Championship 2019: The Finale


Worlds is the pinnacle moment in the eSport of League of Legends. This a multinational tournament that welcomes 24 teams from across the world to battle for the Summoner’s Cup, the trophy of Worlds, over the span of several months.

The World’s Championship 2019 Finals were held in Paris, France, at the AccorHotels Arena. The event started off with the opening ceremony of the anticipated performances by Cailin Russo, Chrissy Costanza, Valerie Broussard, Becky G, Keke Palmer, Soyeon of (G)-Idle, Duckwrth, and Thutmose. The performances kept the crowd intrigued and hyped for the coming games of this year’s two finalists: FPX, FunPlus Phoenix of China, and G2 Esports of Spain.

The crowd’s reaction to the results of matches that followed were ultimately negative. Many fans and players were unsatisfied with how the games panned out with a 3-0 victory for FPX. Fans and players voiced their opinion all over social media, including Riot Games’ own community forum, the creators of League of Legends, expressing their disappointment in the games. Many players agreed that they weren’t upset that G2 lost the championship, they instead felt that the entire event was scripted in favor of FPX.

After watching the games unfold, many players noticed that G2 did not play to their strengths as they did in previous matches. They played completely differently than their fanbase was used to seeing.

Spectators also noticed that G2 made mistakes during the champion selection phase, the phase where characters are chosen for the match, by leaving open viable picks for FPX to choose from, while G2 chose lesser viable champions.

Additionally, G2 proved to be skilled players in previous matches in the series prior the finals, but when the event came to pass, they posed little threat to their opponent. Spectators also noticed how FPX seemed to be in control of every match, providing G2 with little room to make an epic comeback.

To add to the conspiracy, everyone also noted how the theme song for the Worlds Championship 2019 was entitled, “Phoenix,” and featured some of the best players from China, such as Faker.

I believe that event could have been scripted, given the evidence, but without hard factual evidence, the event was simply a stomp in favor of Phoenix. China has been a winner of Worlds multiple times in pass and under similar circumstances to the events that passed this year.

In previous championships, Chinese countries have walked with 3-0 victories in the pass, and no one questioned the authenticity of those games. Additionally, the first Worlds Champions were Fnatic, a London-based group.

I believe that many players and fans held the idea of G2 Esports winning close to their, and being a big fanbase, were ultimately disappointed that their favored team ended up losing the championship.

Overall, the music and performances were, as usual, fantastic, and an amazing part of the Worlds Finale. The games were not as energetic nor eventful as other years, but they were great nonetheless.