Apple product users woke up to a big surprise the morning of Sept. 16, 2020. The company, Apple, released the newest iOS update and it included a ton of new features!
Apple is known to release new products or updates every September, and this year our newly updated devices look totally different.
There many new things that have been brought to the Apple devices including the ability to fully customize your home screen. In the past, Apple users have had the option to move apps around the home screens to where they would like, but with the new iOS 14 feature, not only can you customize app placement, you now have the ability to change the look of apps by creating individual pictures to represent different apps.
Along with this, “widgets” have become a new feature for the home screen. These widgets enable you to add things like pictures, reminders, and different sets of data that your iPhone (device) has! This has been a feature that many users have been waiting for, as Android products have been using this idea for a while now.
I, myself, am an Apple user and decided to test the new update out to give a review.
After spending an hour researching the update to get an idea of how to use it, I made the decision to fully customize my home screen, as the creators intended for the update.
To be honest, if you are looking to go all out, and create a fully customized screen for yourself, it will take a while to complete. However, I will admit, once I finished the task, I was very impressed with what the update could do.
Along with this major feature, iOS 14 update also includes some smaller features such as an app library, the ability to reply to individual imessages, and an automatic car key!
After experiencing this new update, I’ve decided to rate the iOS 14 update on the Apple devices a 8/10 because it allows for a ton of creativity and convenience.
However, I took two points away because setting up the individual home screen takes so much time and it does take a while to figure out.