Adopt A Sister Goes Virtual


Siena Heights University gives their students the chance to foster relationships with the other side of the campus. The Adrian Dominicans are a major part of Siena’s culture and they help make the school what it is.

Adopt A Sister is a program that encourages students to “adopt” a sister and communicate with them, which can be very fun and even beneficial for both students and sisters.  Organizers said the sisters thrive on personal relationships with their students and the benefits of these personal relationships.

Although, COVID is making this hard for these interactions to happen, there are still things being done. Right now the Motherhouse has prohibited all visitors inside and outside, which, as a result, had the program moved to a virtual format. Those who would like to get involved, contact Rochelle Chezick, or Marysa Prettyman to be paired with a sister.

“You are such a joy to them and they brag about you all the time,” Chezick said.