EDITORIAL: Student Parking Restrictions Need to Ease


At Siena Heights University, we continue to improve our campus for the better, but the parking problem seems to continue to persist.

Due to the fact that all students and faculty must park in the Fieldhouse lot for classes, parking spaces can be almost impossible to find. Especially if students arrive late for classes. In addition, there are also mandated spots for commuter and residential students, making it even more difficult for students to find a spot.

Given that all students, residential and commuter, pay the same price for a parking pass, $200 for the year and $100 per semester, we believe Siena should eliminate the commuter and residential parking restrictions. If we are required to pay the same price for a parking pass, spots should not be labeled for commuter and residential students.

Commuters are also expected to walk further distances to their classes because the spots in the front of the parking lot are mandated as residential parking. This means commuters, who already have a long drive to campus, may need to leave earlier just to be able to find a spot in time to get to their classes.

The back of the parking lot is filled with potholes. If students or faculty are not able to find a spot near the front of the lot, they risk the possibility of damaging their cars due to the inconsistent pavement. If students are required to pay to park in the lot, they should not need to worry about paying more in potential car repairs from it.

There is also a lack of adequate surveillance within the lot. If students are paying to park in this lot, they should feel safe while walking to their classes or residence halls.

As the campus continues to improve, why does the parking situation not? If commuter and residential students must pay the same fee for parking, there should be an equal amount of benefits.