McKim Returns to Lead Men’s Volleyball

McKim Returns to Lead Men's Volleyball

Siena Heights has been busy this winter in hiring a new coach for the men’s volleyball team. For a long time, Kim Berrington coached both the men’s and women’s volleyball, but now, she can focus on just the women’s team.

McKim is very familiar with Siena, as he was an assistant coach just two years ago before going to coach at Graceland University. He actually helped recruit the seniors that are on the team now back when they were in high school.

At Siena, there have not been many coaches who got the pleasure of having the title of head coach. McKim is actually the fourth men’s volleyball head coach in Siena history.

As for his personal life, he got his bachelor’s degree in history and secondary education from Grove City College, and thengot his master’s from Siena Heights University.

McKim went to North Allegheny High School in Wexford, Penn. He also played volleyball at the collegiate level while he was at Grove City from 2005–09.

McKim has quite an interesting coaching resume. In his first season at Graceland, he was able to beat a team that was ranked seventh in the nation. Graceland was also the most improved team in the nation that year.

While he worked at the Nogales School in Arizona, he took a team that was 30-plus years of failure and turned them into playoff contenders.

The pandemic has postponed a few of the men’s volleyball games until February, but McKim still has the team working hard and getting better.