Creative Corner: ‘Forlorn’



Paragraphs on the paranormal, they’re pairing us up with the deceased.

So if you paralyzed you’ll need a paralegal to keep ya feet.

Do you bleed? You will, dripping right past your autograph.

Y’all can laugh if all is trashed, but if it’s you, you call in fast.

I’m Colin Farrell, minus the apparel, let’s see how long i can last.

I ain’t a psychopath I’m just taking the psychos path.

And I might go last, lets hope I don’t show up first.

Watch it bubble over but never burst.

never curse, until the hurse


I’ll be dead soon.

Red moon, like we shootin the stars with unlimited clips.

Seven digits ripped

Standin alone


blue moon

I need a

Green room

my tempers short enough to put an ant on

If you hands on I’ll chop ya hands off

guess we gotta standoff,

but I’m walking on the sky

and you so low layin on the ground.

You’ll be staying on the ground.

Don’t try to write me off I got the best pen

Writing lessons that should be etched in.

Catch wind. Catch hands.

My desk stands even if I call in sick.

The hall gets big when no students around.

Tempers warming up, who’s coolin’ them down?

Who’s buyin the bs spoken from the auctioneer.

You’ll often hear how zombies drag you down.

But it’s the living that keep you there.

Never Flag you down.

It’s lonely at the bottom.

But it ain’t tricking unless you gottem

Get’em got’em good, got no love for scrubs, shoutout to Faison

Bourne with jays on,.

and the grass maybe greener on the other side

But sidewalks where i stay on

I was Bourne with jays on

I was torn

Between roses with thorns.

And plastic.

Speedwalkin’ through endless traffic.

Lastin’? I’m a rookie racing vets

No destination yet, so don’t go placing bets.

Even on me

Especially on me.


-Jesse Ramirez